Spanish American War Units

1st Arkansas Volunteer Infantry

  • Company A: Formerly Company A, 3rd Regiment, Arkansas State Guards (ASG)
    Hot Springs
  • Company B: (Jefferson Fencibles)  Formerly Company E, 3rd Regiment, ASG
    Pine Bluff
  • Company C: Formerly Battery B, ASG – volunteered to serve as infantry
    Fort Smith
  • Company D: Formerly Company D, 3rd Regiment, ASG
    Fort Smith
  • Company E: Formerly Company E, 1st Regiment,  and Company G, 3rd Regiment, ASG
    Hope (Co E) and DeQueen (Co G)
  • Company F: Formerly Company I, 4th Regiment, ASG
  • Company G: (Helena Light Guards)  Formerly  attached to 4th Regiment, ASG
  • Company H: Organized for service in the Spanish-American War
  • Company I: Formerly Company I, 3rd Regiment, ASG.  Reorganized for SAW
    Van Buren
  • Company K: Formerly Company I, 3rd Regiment, ASG
  • Company L: (Chicot Rifles)  Formerly Company L, 1st Regiment, ASG
    Lake Village
  • Company M: Organized for service in the Spanish-American War

2nd Arkansas Volunteer Infantry

  • Company A: (McCarthy Light Guards) Formerly Company C, 1st Regiment, ASG
    Little Rock
  • Company B: (V.Y. Cook Rifles)  Formerly Company A, 4th Regiment, ASG
  • Company C: Formerly Company G, 4th Regiment, ASG
    Walnut Ridge
  • Company D: Formerly Company D, 2nd Regiment, ASG
  • Company E: (Fletcher Rifles)  Formerly Company D, 1st Regiment, ASG
    Little Rock
  • Company F: (Hurley Rifles)  Reorganized for service in Spanish-American War from
    Former Company F, 2nd Infantry (voluntarily disbanded in 1895)
  • Company G: (Cabot Guards)  Formerly Company D, 4th Regiment, ASG
  • Company H: Formerly Company I, 1st Regiment, ASG
    Forrest City
  • Company I: (Crockett Rifles) Consolidated from former Companies F, G & H, 4th
    Regiment, ASG
    Stuttgart (Co F), Gillett (Co G) and DeWitt (Co H)
  • Company K: (Clendenin Rifles)  Formerly Company A, 4th Regiment, ASG
  • Company L: Formerly Company C, 2nd Regiment, ASG
  • Company M: (Highland Sharpshooters)  Formerly Company  ?, 4th Regiment, ASG
    Melbourne (Consolidated with volunteer company from Mountain Home)

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