The Research page is intended to display Arkansas Militia/National Guard muster roles, and other digitized archives of the Arkansas Militia/National Guard, as well as Camp Pike/Robinson from Word War I and World War II.


Arkansas Guard and Militia


Mexican War 1846-1847

Pre-Civil War 1847-1860

Civil War Era 1861-1865

Post Civil War 1865-1898

Spanish American War 1898-1899


Mexican Border War 1916

WWI 1917-1918


WWII Era 1940-1946

Post WWII 1946-1949

Korean War Era 1950-1955

Post Korean War to the Gulf War Era1956-1990

Persian Gulf War Era 1990-1992

Post Operation Desert Storm/Shield 1992-2002

Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-Present

History of Air Guard 1908-Present

Camp Pike / Camp Robinson 1917 – Present

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